Elementary School
Elementary School
Elementary School

Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model

The goal of the school counseling program is to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in school and beyond. This is done by putting in place prevention measures to teach students skills in three domains: personal/social, academic, and career. School Counselors are always asking students to answer three essential questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How will I get there? Students are encouraged to use the answers to these questions to guide their decision making. While school counseling is a K-12 continuum, there are some differences between the levels. 

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Elementary School Counseling

Counseling services at the elementary level include classroom guidance lessons covering the topics of: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, Problem Solving, and Career Exploration. Second Step curriculum is used.  Heavy emphasis is placed on the personal/social domain of the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model at the elementary level. Students are also seen individually and in groups on an as needed basis to help them be successful in school. Groups that have been run in the past include Friendship Group, Family Changes Group, and Stress Management Group.


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