Referral/IEP Process
Referral/IEP Process
Referral/IEP Process

Referral & IEP Eligibility

Special education referrals within the Hustisford School District will be processed through the building consultation teams (a.k.a. Student Intervention Teams – SIT) to ensure school district exhaustion of regular education interventions, prior to a special education referral (may not apply to speech & language only, Birth-3 & private school referrals).

The school district adheres to WI DPI requirements to accept special education referrals from statutorily recognized individuals. All regular education interventions must be considered and / or attempted. Therefore, people requesting special education referrals, will be asked to consider routing the student through the SIT process prior to a special education referral to ensure exhaustion of regular education interventions.

DPI recognized outside agency personnel, or parent initiated requests for special education referrals will be routed to the school district special education referral evaluation team case manager (i.e. school psychologist / speech & language pathologist for speech & language referrals only) for discussion to consider routing the student through the SIT process prior to initiation of a special education referral. Should the outside agency representative or parent reject consideration for use of SIT process first, the school district will process the specialeducation referral consistent with WI DPI statutory requirements.

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