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Dance Program
Dance Program

Dance Program

Dance Registration Form
To register for any of our dance classes, please print and fill out the form above; OR attend the registration event at the Community Fair on August 23, 2016

Dance Director – Heidi Anderson
Email –
Phone # 920-382-7119

Classes Offered:

Pre-Ballet is for the 3-5 year old dancer.  These classes are geared toward creative movement, beginning ballet terminology, and basic stage direction.

Ballet classes are for the dancer aged 6 years and older. No experience is necessary. In this class the dancer has a more structured class starting with ballet barre exercises, centre floor work, and simple combinations.

Tap isn’t only making noise with your feet. It can be tricky getting the correct foot articulation and proper shading of sound. Tap classes are offered for dancers 6 years and older. Students are taught basic rhythm and musicality, and syncopation of rhythms, shading and dynamics as they advance.

Jazz dancing evolved with music brought to America from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Students must be at least 9 years of age. Dancers are taught isolations, centre barre exercises, across the floor skill development and basic combinations. Ballet training helps, but is not necessary.

Classical Ballet is for the experienced ballet dancer. To join this class you must be at least 10 years old and have a minimum of three years ballet training. This is a one hour class.

Basic information:
Classes will be held at the Hustisford Junior/Senior High School. A minimum of four students is needed to form a new class. There is a maximum of 10-12 students in a class depending upon their age. All classes meet once a week and are 30 minutes in length with the exception of Classical Ballet which is one hour. 
Appropriate Attire:
ALL female dancers need to wear leotards and tights. Jazz/Dance pants are allowed in Tap and Jazz as long as your feet are visible and they are form fitted. Hair should be pulled back away from your face. Please keep jewelry to a minimum. All male dancers should wear a white T-shirt and black shorts, sweat pants or jazz pants. Cover ups are NOT to be worn during class. Should a student not comply with the dress code she/he will be asked to observe the class.
Students must wear shoes appropriate to the dance discipline they are studying. Shoes can be ordered at registration or purchased elsewhere. If you order shoes through the Dance Program a non-refundable deposit of $5.00 is required at the time of ordering.
RATES are bases upon a 30 minute class that meets once a week. This year we offer a 28 week session of progressive learning, dress rehearsal and recital. The session is broken down into four pay terms for bookkeeping purposes. The rate for a 30 minute class in Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Tap or Jazz is $31.50 per term. The one hour rate for Classical Ballet is $62.00 per term.
A discount is given per student for taking multiple classes:
2, half-hour classes                   $57.00
3, half-hour classes                   $85.00
1, hr. class & 1, half hour class   $84.00
1, hr. class & 2,half hour classes$112.50

About Ms. Heidi:
Heidi Anderson has been teaching in Hustisford for the past 12 years.This will be her ninth year as the Director of the program.  Heidi has been a member of Dance Masters of Wisconsin since 2005 and continues her education through various workshops and conventions.


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