Welcome to the Hustisford Technology Services Department

The Technology Services Department provides management, operational and technical support of the district's technology solutions. This includes internet, network infrastructure, student/staff devices, voice services, and A/V media.

Technology Vision Statements

The district information and technology vision is to teach students to become skilled users of information, to understand where and how to get it, as well as how to use that information to enrich their lives and educational experience. The district information and technology vision is also to provide faculty and students with practical solutions to their needs. This is achieved by providing and ensuring integrated information and technology that fits into standards based curricula. This prepares students to become effective communicators, life-long learners, problem-solvers and productive members of their current and future global society. Through a robust information and technology program, our staff and students will be successful in our digital, knowledge-based, global society.

Technology Mission Statements

The Hustisford School District is committed to the mission of teaching students informational literacy. Students within the district learn the process of applying literacy skills by accessing, evaluating, interpreting, applying, and creating information in all of its formats. We integrate technology into classes in a manner that is meaningful to students and that can be applied to real-life situations and experiences. We teach the ethical use of information technology and encourage our students to be responsible members of society.

Hustisford School District Technology Infrastructure
To support the educational mission and vision of the Hustisford School District, teachers and students have access to a variety of technology assets. Teachers are issued laptop computers so they can be mobile in their classroom and around our buildings. Classrooms have interactive whiteboards for displaying and working with content and engaging students at many levels. Students also have the use of modern computer labs (one at John Hustis Elementary School and two at Hustisford Junior / Senior High School) that give teachers and students access to additional concentrated technology options for instruction. When a teacher needs students to utilize computers in their classroom, we have a number of mobile device carts that can move from room to room where and as needed.

The Internet has emerged as the primary source of educational content for Wisconsin schools and the Hustisford School District has made significant strides to increase our ability to deliver this vital resource to our students. Starting in 2016, we will have a 300Mbps connection and with the assistance of TEACH are looking to increase that again to 1Gbps in the near future. We also have a robust internal wireless network (installed in 2015) that allows students and staff access to resources anywhere in our buildings.

Safety of our students is of primary concern and to that end the District has invested in a new telephone system, new security cameras, and door locks. These important upgrades are designed to create a learning environment that both students and parents can have confidence is both effective and safe.

Please contact the technology department of the Hustisford School District if you have any questions as to how technology helps our students learn.

Fred Miller, MBA
Director of Technology
920-349-8109 ext. 257

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