Positive Behavior & Intervention Strategies
Positive Behavior & Intervention Strategies
Positive Behavior & Intervention Strategies

JHE Character Education

The character education program at JHE is a hybrid program that takes aspects of TRIBES and PBIS and melds it into the “Falcon Way”.  We utilize character education to help students learn to cooperate and celebrate their uniqueness.  With bullying on the increase nationwide, we want to create a culture within our school that fosters positive relationships based off of 6 basic character traits.  Character education is designed as a positive program to recognize expected, desirable behaviors on a daily basis.  

Character education is not a curriculum at JHE.  Our goal is to build culture within our school.  We want to weave the character traits into everything that we do.  This will help to make a difference in attitude and behavior of students. 

Visuals—You will see posters of character traits throughout the school as well as positive message posters reminding the kids of the expectations within our school.

Language—We work to use consistent language with students when talking about expected behaviors.  The consistent language is used throughout the school in regards to voice levels and expectations.  The students practice in various locations throughout the school.

Assemblies—We have monthly assemblies to celebrate our students and their accomplishments.  Teachers recognize students and specifically tell other students what they are being celebrated for.  Weekly teachers give shout outs to students who are caught doing great things as well.  The students come to the office for a special reward and recognition.

PAWS—Students can get a paper paw cutout in recognition for doing great things and showing positive character.  They can turn them in once a month at our school store for fun prizes. 

These are all ways that we support character education at JHE.  

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