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Suzanna Wells-Dixon
Suzanna Wells-Dixon
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Grade 2

My name is Suzanna Wells-Dixon. This is my 12th year at John Hustis.  I have taught all grade levels 4K-6th, including Special Ed, except 3rd grade.  I am originally from MI, lived in NV and CO.  

I have a husband named John and two girls in second and kindergarten.  I also have a cat named Lakota.  I watch dogs on the side and love having them for the girls to play with.  My interests are: tigers, traveling, movies, book clubs, walking, music, the Iditarod, Noodles& Co., Pizza, and Subway. 

In my classroom, I use a pencil program so that we are never out of pencils or erasers.  Each child will have a pencil pouch with 8 pencils and one eraser they must be in charge of and turn in every Friday.  If this pouch has all 8 pencils and the eraser, then they will get something in their pouch. If not, then missing items will be replaced with no reward in their pouch. 

Next, I use Classroom Dojo as our behavior system.  This is an online program as well as an app in which you are able to see how your child’s day/week has gone.  Students will get Dojo bucks for positive behavior and able to turn those dollars in for items once they reach 100 points.  (ie: xtra recess, Ipad time, computer time, lunch with the teacher etc).  Also, there will be a daily sheet that goes home for you to initial based on how many positive/negative points they earned for that day. 

Lastly, I use Remind 101 to communicate with parents as a group or individually.  Here you can send me any messages anytime and I will receive it right away.   I send out daily or weekly reminders or messages, I feel are of importance.

In my Second grade class I look for a class as well as individuals who can:

 **Be Responsible**

*Be responsible for yourself.
*Do your work.
*Be safe.
*Take care of people and things.

**Be Respectful**

*Work quietly.
*Listen to each other.
*Listen to the teacher.
*Use kind words and actions.
*Be truthful and honest.

**Be Ready**

*Pay attention.
*Stay organized.
*Follow directions the FIRST time.
*Do your best work.

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