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Grade 1


I would like to welcome your child as s/he enters the world of first grade.  I am very excited about getting to know them and their families.

I have been teaching first grade at John Hustis for many years.  I am married to my husband Richard, have three adult daughters, and two wonderful grandchildren. I have one pet cat and live in the country near Rubicon.  I like to spend time outdoors and enjoy reading and spending time with my family.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child, please fee free to contact me. (920 349-3228 ext. 327 or   Sometimes the problems may appear trivial, but I realize that “small” problems may be “big” problems to a young child.

We will be having a morning milk break each day.  Your child may bring a healthy snack to eat at this time, if you would like them to.  Birthday treats are welcome on your child’s birthday.  Currently we have 16 students in our class. 

Thanks for your support in making this a successful first grade experience for your child..  I am looking forward to a GREAT year. 


Mrs. Linda Feutz

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