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MS Social Studies

6th grade Social Studies

Primary emphasis of this class will be a study of the development of early civilizations in Sumer, Egypt,
China, India, Middle and South America, Greece and Rome. Students will gain an understanding of how
man has evolved from small, nomadic bands into the world’s first civilizations. Common characteristics
shared by all civilizations and the development of ancient cultures of the world will be explored.

7th grade Social Studies

This course will cover a study of the Earth's physical characteristics, early societies, countries of
North America, South America, Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa. Along with the countries,
the study will include human life and its relationship to the Earth. Economics, government,
sociology, anthropology and other geographic skills will be developed as we study the different
countries. Students will broaden their understanding of the world through the study of physical
geography, cultures, religions, and governments of selected countries.

8th grade Social Studies

This class will focus on the founding and development of the United States of America. It will
also look at the prehistory of North and South America and the forces and circumstances that
led to the creation of our nation. I will emphasize the development of our governmental
system, significant individuals and events from The Colonial Period through the Civil War.
Students will gain an understanding of the creation of the United States as a nation. They will
also learn of the historical forces involved in the founding of our nation and the establishment
of our governmental system.

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